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Industrial5 Offerings

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Auditing Readiness

ISO 9001 Lead Certified Performance auditing.

Industrial5 offers independent assessment of an entity's operations to determine if specific programs or functions are working as intended to achieve stated goals. This ensures meeting ISO standards as well as other industry specifications.

Process Streamlining

Lean Six Sigma Certified Process Auditing

Six Sigma provides the tools to improve the capability and reduce the defects in any process, and quality audits can benefit from this structured approach.

Following the DMAIC Audit Cycle, Industrial5 offers comprehensive evaluation and reporting on existing process flows, while simultaneously suggesting improvements and developments for your company.  

Analyzing Data
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Optimizing Equipment and Facilities

A proprietary blend of industry-standard knowledge and experience.

Industrial5 will verify design and safety standards critical for manufacturing - and access that your equipment will perform safely and reliably. Additional reporting is provided on current states and conditions of all associated equipment.

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