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Salt Bath Services

Inspection of your salt bath equipment by our team offers you a confidential summary of technical readiness.  Our team prepares a detailed summary with recommendations for upgrades, repairs, or end-of-service planning.  We’ll give you the options and you decide the next steps.

Upgrades   •   Repairs   •   End-of-Service

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Our Services

Upgrades can include improved furnace life using proven refractory and bricking techniques.  Smart electrode designs can provide faster recovery rates and shorter cycle times.  Our 30 years of hands-on experience gives you new ideas to time-tested equipment.


Repairs to salt bath equipment can lead to the discovery of hidden problems.  Our team repairs electrodes, brick pot liners, and furnace covers.  Our services crew can work with your team to make these repairs a smooth and timely as possible.  We are flexible and can mobilize to do most repairs.


End-of-service decisions regarding salt bath equipment can have a big impact on your business.  When you decide to remove and/or replace salt bath equipment, we have the experience to help avoid costly missteps. 

Industrial5 coordinates directly with your EH&S teams in the safe removal and disposal of the entire system. This can include salt pumping, jack hammering, equipment disassembly, rigging, and transportation of your entire salt bath line.

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