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Operating Markets

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Production Optimization

In the private sector, Industrial5 has been called upon repeatedly to determine process readiness and flow. 

Our design team works with you to understand your business and seek out opportunities for improvement.

Visualization and defining of objectives are the most important part of any I5 contract.

Private and public manufacturing in areas including defense, agriculture, power transmission, and automotive.

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Process Design

Industrial5 is no stranger to Defense work. In the past 10 years, I5 has successfully completed SBIR research and DFARS cybersecurity audits, as well as design and process optimization work on military posts around the country.

Out team of technical writers can provide guidance and editing of necessary CDRL reports.

Familiarity is the name of the game when it comes to DoD contracting. 

Client 5


Audit Readiness

With experience in Lean Six Sigma processing, I5 is able to tackle any audit preparation your organization may need. In the recent past I5 has worked with DFARS and NIST cyber audits. Our experience includes PPAP development, as well as participation in ISO and NADCAP certification readiness.

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Solution Creation

In-house modeling and engineering teams are ready to provide rapid prototyping solutions.


Our extensive partnerships in industry position us well to develop best-in-class solutions. 3D modeling and renders of project components are critical to a shared understanding of the goal.

Our Expertise

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